Learning About Pyometra

The Danger of Being Unspayed


Pyometra is unfortunately a condition we see far too often here at Prevent A Litter. Pyometra is a uterine infection that develops in female dogs and cats after a heat cycle. It is a deadly condition that requires emergency surgery.

When clients reach out to us for this reason, we are often their last option. Many of them did not get their dog spayed in the first place because it was too expensive for them and they didn’t know about resources in the area for low-cost spay like PAL. Pyometra surgery typically costs between $1000-$2000, since it is an emergency procedure and is more labor-intensive than a regular spay. This leaves low-income clients with an extremely difficult choice: pay money they do not have or euthanize their dog.

That’s where your help comes in, because of funds provided by donations to PAL, we are able to offer this surgery for a dramatically reduced cost. In some cases, we have to cover the complete cost of the surgery and medications because the client cannot even afford the reduced price. This allows us to offer a happy ending to a tale that would otherwise end in their beloved pet losing their life over a completely preventable infection. Below are some of the stories of pets who came to us for life-saving pyometra surgery. Your donations make it possible for us to help these pets in need.

Pyometra Survivors



This gorgeous Great Dane came to Prevent A Litter in December 2016 when her dad noticed she was acting strange.  After taking her to her full service vet, she was diagnosed with pyometra, an infection of the uterus commonly found in unspayed females.  This meant that at the age of 9 she would have to undergo spay surgery as soon as possible. Faith’s dad found himself in an unfortunate situation because he could not afford to have the surgery done at full price; his only other option was euthanasia.  Fortunately, he had heard of Prevent A Litter from his local pet supply store and called us to see if we could help.  After a full work up and a round of antibiotics given to her at her full service vet, we were able to spay her and cover the cost of the surgery with a grant we received from the Petco Foundation.  Without the help of donations like this, who knows where Faith would be now? 

We are happy to report that Faith has made a full recovery and is back to living the good life with her other canine buddies, both large and small.  Her dad tells us that she is very motherly to the other dogs, and as you can see from the photo, that’s no exaggeration!  



Nine year old Bassett Hound, Daphne, had a problem.  Daphne’s family had been split on the decision on whether or not to spay her for years.  One was for it and one was against it.  Well, something was wrong with Daphne and like many unspayed females it ended up being an infection of the uterus called pyometra. Daphne’s mom immediately rushed her to the vet knowing it had something to do with her being unspayed.  Her worries were confirmed and to add to her worry, the cost of the spay procedure, along with the medication, bloodwork, etc was just too much for Daphne’s family to pay at that time.  Luckily, Daphne’s mom had heard about PAL and she called us to see if we could help.  We were happy to be of assistance and Daphne was soon transferred from the veterinary hospital she was staying at to PAL.  Dr. Asbury performed her spay surgery that same day and her parents were able to have this life saving procedure done at a cost they could afford.  Daphne is now back to the good life.  She spends her days with her lifelong Bassett Hound companion, Diesel, and even watches scary moves with her mom!  Thanks to your generous donations, Daphne can live out the rest of her life without ever having to worry about complications from not being spayed! 



Missy, an 11 year old Pomeranian, was referred to us by the nice people at Hanover Green Veterinary Hospital.  Missy was in quite the predicament.  She had what the vet thought was pyometra, and her caretakers could not afford the cost to get her spayed.  Luckily, they went to the right place and they were given our information to set up her spay appointment ASAP.  Meanwhile, Missy was on an antibiotic to fight off any secondary infections from occurring, and by the time she got into PAL, her caretaker was extremely worried.  You see, Missy, actually belonged to the caretaker’s brother who had a serious injury and was in rehabilitation.  Missy was his world and she would be a big part of his healing process.  We spayed Missy who did in fact have pyometra, and the surgery was a success!  Missy was quite the trooper and recovered beautifully!  We are so happy we were able to help Missy and her dad out with the generous donations you have provided.  This surgery was performed for a mere $20.00 because of friends like you! 



Pumpkin, a 95 pound Bulldog mix, is not an easy dog to miss, so when she was found running loose, some good Samaritans stopped to pick her up.  After bringing her into their home, they couldn’t help but fall in love with her charming and friendly personality and they decided to foster her until they could find her a forever home.  Unfortunately, they soon noticed some symptoms of a possible illness.  Besides being extremely overweight, she was vomiting and eating excessive amounts of food.  They quickly took her to a full service vet where she was diagnosed with pyometra, an infection of the uterus which requires immediate spay surgery.  They did some bloodwork and were prescribed some antibiotics, but were unable to afford the cost of the spay surgery.  Luckily, they had heard of PAL and called us to see if we could help.  We were able to squeeze this big gal in for surgery and Dr. Asbury successfully performed her spay.   Now she is feeling much better and can go back to looking for that perfect person or family to give her the love she deserves.  Her emergency surgery was made possible by your generous donations. It’s important to note that had she been spayed at a younger age she would never have gotten this terrible infection.  Pyometra is entirely preventable simply by spaying your dog or cat.