Our Story

How It All Started

Prevent A Litter is the first spay/neuter clinic in Virginia, and since opening in 1999, we
have successfully performed over 100,000 surgeries. The mission of Prevent A Litter Veterinary Hospital is to eliminate the killing of healthy, otherwise adoptable companion animals simply because they are surplus and cannot be placed in loving homes.  PAL plans to accomplish this goal by providing high quality, affordable, and accessible spay/neuter services to the public without regard to income or geography.

Prevent A Litter Veterinary Hospital is a non-profit, fully licensed facility whose mission is to help end pet overpopulation through affordable spay/neuter services. Our doctors are licensed, skilled professionals who work with a fully trained, experienced medical team dedicated to providing the highest quality care.  We do encourage you to establish a relationship with a full service animal healthcare provider for regular checkups and for illness visits.

Since opening in April 1999, PAL has performed in excess of 100,000 surgeries, preventing millions of births of unwanted animals that might otherwise be euthanized. Others would be abandoned to the streets, suffering from cold and hunger while spreading disease and adding to the City’s already staggering number of stray and feral animals.

The VIP's Behind The Scenes

Our Founder, Susan Defazio


Susan can't think of a time when she wasn't interested in advocating for animals. When she arrived in Richmond in 1989, she brought with her a branch of an organization called Care About the Strays. Although CATS was active in other animal related causes, it was primarily devoted to the spaying and neutering of companion animals.  At that time, animals in the Richmond area were spayed/neutered by local veterinarians who worked with the organization. Susan opened a shop in Carytown called In The Company of Cats and used the profits to open a spay and neuter clinic. In April 1999, Prevent A Litter Veterinary Hospital opened and we began doing our own work to end companion animal overpopulation.  

Our Head Vet, Dr. William Asbury


Dr. William Asbury attended veterinary school at the University of Pennsylvania. He then spent another year as an intern at the large animal hospital of Penn’s Veterinary School. After completion of the internship, he spent a year working as a veterinarian in New Zealand. Upon his return, he moved to the Richmond area to work in an equine practice. Dr. Asbury later switched to a career in small animal practice and has been with Prevent A Litter since it opened in 1999.  

Our Clinic Manager, Lauren Early


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