Friday's Fund For Ferals


The Quest

Since our inception in 1999, we have always spayed and neutered feral and community cats; however, we have never expressly had funds set aside for them. That meant that the colony caretaker was responsible for the surgery, and since these cats aren't technically “owned” by anyone, we thought it was only fair to help these cats and their caretakers by offering spay and neuter free of charge. 

In 2017, Prevent A Litter had its first ever fundraiser explicitly geared towards helping feral and community cats. 

 From March 1st to May 31st, we held an online photo contest called “Picture Pawfect.” The donations made from this contest went towards creating our first-ever spay/neuter fund for community cats. We managed to raise over $1700 towards our new fund and even had the donation matched by the Community Cats Grant program via the Community Cats Podcast

While we didn’t quite reach our goal of $5000, this was indeed a start!  We managed to expand these funds even further by dedicating our next newsletter towards the cause, and in return raised another $4000 for our newly anointed feral cat fund!
Our initial intent was to offer any free-roaming/stray/community cat spay/neuter surgery free of charge, however, knowing how quickly we would go through these funds, we have had to restrict it only to genuinely feral cats.  Our goal is to be able to offer these services to any free-roaming cat starting in 2019 by continuously adding funds to our Friday's Fund for Ferals Program. 

*******There are a few requirements to qualify for the free surgery: 

All cats must be truly feral (wild/untamed/not able to be handled by humans)

All feral cats MUST get an eartip, and all feral cats MUST be in a trap. 

As stated above, at this time, these funds are being used only for feral cats and is good for the spay/neuter only.  

While we do not require any vaccinations to have an animal fixed at PAL, we do offer vaccines. 

Many people opt to get a rabies vaccine done for the low price of $15. 

Again, we do not require a rabies shot to get the free surgery.

**The Feral Cat Fund is intended for individual caretakers only**


If you are interested in setting up an appointment, please call us at 804.359.6369. 


How You Can Help

We are so excited to finally have a program like this available to the public and hope in the future to include more services for even more cats free of charge as our funds grow.  

If you would like to donate to the Friday's Fund for Ferals Program, please do so below!

Make sure to specify that this donation is for Friday's Fund.  

You can also send a check the old fashioned way via snail mail to 

3421 W Cary St. Richmond, VA 23221

Thank you for helping us help the feral cats of Richmond and beyond! 


Meet Friday!

Friday is a beautiful long-haired black-and- brown tabby that was found roaming in the alley behind Prevent A Litter in 2011.  We quickly trapped her to spay her but found out she had already been eartipped which indicated she was already spayed.  We vaccinated her and tested her for FIV and FELV, and with a clean bill of health, we released her back outside and put out food for her.  It’s been seven years now, and she is still with us!  We even had a custom built cathouse made for her, and many of our neighbors know her and feed her as well.  Part of our day includes supplying Friday with fresh food and water twice a day.  She sits at the back door nearly every morning, eagerly awaiting her breakfast and she will let you pet her, but only on her terms (of course).  We thought it appropriate to name our new fund after her since she has been a community cat in Carytown for quite a while now.