Answers To Frequently Asked Questions


What Services Do You Provide?

  • We provide high-quality, low-cost spay and neuter surgery
  • Walk-in vaccinations, preventatives, and testing (for animals that have been fixed) 
  • We offer special surgeries and growth removals on a case by case basis

Why Is It So Hard To Make An Appointment?

  • Because of our low prices and a dedicated staff, we are in high demand! We have a very small facility, with only one surgery room, so appointments fill up quickly. We also currently only have two veterinarians performing surgery at this time. 

Why Do I Have To Leave A Message? Why Is There No One Answering The Phone?

  • In order to schedule appropriately and to ensure that we can accommodate everyone in our small facility, we must speak with everyone when scheduling an appointment. We are not able to schedule appointments through email, nor are we able to leave a message for a client without confirming that date first. 

  • When you call, we ask that you LEAVE A MESSAGE in case we are on the other line or assisting clients in the lobby. We receive several hundred phone calls monthly, especially at the first of the month. 

How Do I Schedule An Appointment?

  • We ask that you either call us at (804) 359-6369 and LEAVE A MESSAGE, or come in person after 9am. Prior to 9am we are checking in patients for surgery.  

  • When calling, you will need to LEAVE A MESSAGE with your name, number, and your pet's information. (Species, sex, age, approximate weight if it is a dog). We return calls in the order they are received. 

  • Leaving a message does not guarantee that you will have an appointment. We accommodate as many people as we can, as quickly as we can. We have limits each day as to how many animals there are, sizes, and weights. 

  • If and when we are full, we ask that you CALL BACK on the FIRST (1st) of the FOLLOWING MONTH. We schedule out 3 months at a time. On the first of each month, we open up another month for scheduling. People call as early as MIDNIGHT on the 1st, since calls are returned in the order that they are received. If the 1st falls on a business day, we will allow people to walk in to schedule in person as of 9AM. We must check in clients who are here for surgery prior to 9AM. 

Do You Have A Cancellation List?

  • Yes, once you have an appointment you may request to be put on the cancellation list. 
  • In the event that a client cancels, we will then consult that list in attempt to fill the open spot
  • When calling to fill this spot, we WILL NOT LEAVE A MESSAGE if no one answers. We will move on to the next person. 
  • You will still remain on the cancellation list if you do not answer
  • We have no way of knowing when clients will cancel - this can be months, weeks, days, or minutes before their scheduled appointment.


How Are Your Prices So Low?

  • Donations, donations, donations! 
  • Generous contributions from the community and animal lovers  
  • We apply for grants 
  • Fundraising Events 

Do You Have Income Or Residency Restrictions?

  • No! Please just understand we are first come-first serve, are in high demand, and fill up quickly! 

Do You Provide Financial Assistance/Free Services?

  • As long as we keep receiving donations and our funds allow - Yes, we provide assistance for those who are not able to cover the surgery cost for their animal. 
  • We provide free spay or neuter for feral cats (wild cats that are not able to be pet or handled)
    • that have been trapped using a humane trap and are receiving an eartip (the universal sign that an undomesticated cat has been altered) 
    • **outside of rescue groups that are able to raise their own funds**

Do You Require An Eartip For All Feral Cats?

  • Only those who are needing Friday’s Feral Fund to cover the surgery cost

Do You Rent Out Humane Traps?

  • Yes, we rent out humane animal traps (for feral cats). We ask for a deposit of $75, which can be paid by Visa, Mastercard, Discover, or cash. When the trap is returned, you will then receive the full deposit refund of $75.
  • *We also have a drop trap if requested or needed. Please contact us for more information. 


Is It A Veterinarian Who Performs The Procedure(s)?

  • Yes, our vets are licensed and accredited in the state of Virginia. Dr. Asbury has been with us since opening in April of 1999, and Dr. Babbitt joined us in 2018. 

Do You Use Anesthesia?

  • Yes! 

How Many Surgeries Are Performed In One Day?

  • We generally have between 20-30 patients each day. This is affected by dog sizes and special or more involved surgeries. 

Do You Spay Pregnant Animals?

  • Yes, but it terminates the pregnancy

Are You Able To Tell If An Animal Is Pregnant?

  • We do not have an ultrasound machine, or any other *guaranteed* way of knowing an animal is pregnant
  • If there is ANY chance of your pet being pregnant at the time of her appointment, and you want her to have the litter, we ask that you RESCHEDULE your appointment
  • We have NO WAY of knowing if indeed an animal is pregnant until the time of surgery, in this case it would be too late 

Do You Declaw Cats?

  • NO, nor do we recommend this procedure. It has been known to cause behavioral problems and litter box issues. 


Why Is My Animal Required To Be Spayed Or Neutered Before Receiving Services?

  • It's part of our mission! The amount of animals that are killed from environmental occurrences or euthanized because there are not enough homes is heartbreaking. There are TOO many animals being born onto the dangerous streets or sitting in shelters awaiting loving homes. We do not want to be a part of this pet overpopulation issue - we would much rather make it attainable for owners to be able to get their pet fixed - it is far healthier for them, too! Getting your females spayed eliminates the risk of pyometra, a life threatening infection of the uterus that must be addressed immediately. Getting your males neutered lowers aggression, the tendency to spray/mark their territory, hump, fight, and also lowers the risk for testicular cancer.

Do You Require Proof Of Vaccines Before Or At The Time Of Surgery?

  • No, we do not require any proof of vaccines or require that they receive vaccines at the time of their surgery. We do however, highly recommend that your pet be up to date on their vaccines, and we do offer them here for $15 each. You can add them for your pet to receive them the day of their surgery, or you may return during our walk-in hours. 

Do You Provide Or Write Prescriptions For Pets?

  • No

Is The Microchip A GPS/Tracking Device?

  • No, our microchips are not a way to trace or track down your animal. It is a second form of identification to ensure he or she is returned home to you. This is useful in case the collar or tags are lost or removed. The microchip is a small device containing a number code that is assigned to your pet only. The microchip is implanted between the shoulder blades and the number code is able to be picked up by a scanning device. These hand-held scanners are kept in animal shelters and veterinary hospitals. Found pets brought in are to be scanned by those shelters or hospitals. Staff will then contact the company in order to obtain the owner's information so that the pet can be safely returned. 

Do You Need Volunteers?

  • Since we are so small with limited resources, our need for volunteers is not as high. There are not a lot of opportunities for "hands-on" animal handling or dog walking since we do not perform any adoptions. However, we still welcome anyone who is interested. Our main focus right now is off-site fundraising, building improvements/"handy-man" work, and the garden out front. You may email us at for more information.