Free Spay/Neuter For Pit Bulls & Pit Bull Mixes

We've all seen it - a shelter full of pit bulls, a stray pit bull running lose, a 'bully breed' on a chain, or maybe even an expecting pit bull mother. 

It is estimated that there are three to five million pit bulls in the U.S. The term "Pit Bull" encompasses mainly three breeds of dog: the American Pit Bull Terrier, the American Staffordshire Terrier, and the Staffordshire Bull Terrier. Considered a 'bully breed' and subject to breed specific legislation, they are by far the most euthanized breed. 

Pit bulls and pit bull mixes average about 33% of shelter intakes nationally, but in large cities the numbers are as high as 40-65%. Studies estimate that up to 1 million pit bulls or pit bull mixes are euthanized per year. That's 2,800 per day. To top it off, the euthanasia rates don't include those chosen to fight. As if the odds weren't stacked against them enough - Pit Bulls are number one on the list chosen for illegal dog-fighting. Dogs that do not die in the ring often suffer abuse, neglect, abandonment, and eventually death far worse than humane euthanasia.

It's simple math-there are too many (animals, pit bulls) and not enough people willing to adopt them all. 

Until we can educate the public and convince them to spay or neuter, and to adopt versus pet shop purchases and breeding, then we are just putting a band-aid on a gushing wound.

Here at Prevent A Litter, we strive to make a difference - a difference in pet overpopulation and senseless euthanasia. Whether it is an issue of cost or availability, we want to bridge that gap to allow owners the ability to have their pet(s) fixed. 

With a generous grant from The Community Foundation Serving Richmond and Central Virginia, we now have the opportunity to offer free spay and neuter surgery to any dog that falls under the category of a "Pit Bull" or "Pit Bull Mix". 

Call us at 804-359-6369 to set up an appointment, and be sure to mention our PitFix grant in your message.

Thank you for taking the time and care to have your pet fixed - Now, show us your pitties!!!

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